Photo: Maeve (left) and Jo Mickelborough (right)

Zambesi is one of New Zealand’s favourite brands and we’ve always been proud of its beautiful corner store along the Strip.

The Zambesi brand is one of the few brands that are still made in New Zealand and the new manager has plans to make the fashion store even more welcoming and friendly.

Jo Mickelborough took the helm at the Ponsonby branch four months ago and wants people to feel comfortable coming in and having a look around.

“You don’t need to buy something every time you come in”, she said. “I love it when people feel that this is like a second home to them — a retail shop with no pressure”.

Jo has been with Zambesi for nine years (previously working in Newmarket) and is passionate about the brand.

“We have so many beautiful fabrics and textures — the new season collection is very wearable with lots of good basics and beautiful colour palettes”

Jo adds that the Ponsonby store is keen to dress its customers.

“Come in and we’ll dress you, she said. “It’s not just about picking up something and buying it – it’s about the whole service of finding what customers need to wear to an occasion.

I’ve got customers that will say they’ve got an evening and don’t know what to wear. I may suggest something that they’ve already got in their wardrobe or tell them to come into the store and we’ll dress them.
That’s why I love working for Zambesi because we can do that.

We’d love new people to drop in and have a look around. I think they’d be pleasantly surprised by what Zambesi is. Plus, we’ve got parking down the back!”

Zambesi | 169 Ponsonby Road

Writer: Everall Deans

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