SitkaSitka is one of Canada’s popular retail brands and it’s landed in Ponsonby with a new pop-up shop.

The noteworthy brand allows customers to shop sustainably while tackling environmental threats and helping third world countries.
Ponsonby Store Manager Andrew Howson tells us about the business and the ever growing popularity of ethical shopping.

What do you sell?
Our product range is very broad. We sell clothing, surf gear, watches and accessories for example and we are the brand store for TOMS shoes.
We make clothes that breathe. We mill our own fabric and choose sustainable suppliers. Our clothes are versatile and can be worn indoors and outdoors. In fact, you can go straight from the tramping trail to the dinner table wearing our style of clothing.

What is Sitka’s approach to environmental sustainability?
Everything we do is guided by our five core values of Community, Sustainability, Integrity, Creativity and Adventure.
1% of all of our sales go towards environmental causes in New Zealand. For example, we help Sustainable Coastlines clean up NZ beaches. Plus, we’re moving away from materials that are not natural.
Our customers include anyone that has a tendency towards products that are responsible to the earth. We want to have the tiniest impact on the environment with our merchandise and also give back to the planet.

What’s the deal with TOMS shoes?
The TOMS brand is absolutely massive overseas and we carry the biggest range of their shoes in NZ.
With every shoe you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. The concept is called One for One.
Amazing Race participant Blake Mycoskie developed the concept after visiting Argentina. He saw kids with medical problems caused by diseases transferred through their feet and decided to create a business that funds shoes for them. The movement is huge now and has spread world-wide!

Sitka is at 133 Ponsonby Road. Open From 10am to 6pm weekdays and 10am to 4pm weekends. Pop in when you can.


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