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Letter Template to MP’s from the Restaurant Association

Please use as applicable.

Lobby your Local Representatives

We are requesting that you make your voice heard and email your local representatives. Don’t leave politics to politicians! Make sure your voice and your story is heard to give a face to the statistics. The more correspondence local representatives receive the better and the more personal and detailed they are the more chance of success we’ll have.

Please see contact list of Local Government Representatives to contact below.

Guidelines For Lobbying

  1. Be specific & refer to the representative’s particular focus of control, e.g:
    What are you intending to do to help the Auckland hospitality industry?
    How are you going to lobby the cabinet to extend the wage subsidy? etc
  2. Be positive and offer solutions to the issue raised, e.g:
    You may ask Phil Goff to remove barriers to outdoor trading at hospitality venues to end 2021, to encourage additional customers right up to Christmas.
  3. If you voted for them in the last election:
    Tell them that you did because you believed that they cared.
  4. Remind them of all the things that you are personally doing to be compliant and to keep people employed.
    Tell them how much it costs you to do this.

Local Government Representatives Contact List

National Spokesperson for Small Business

Leader of the opposition

Labour Auckland Central representative

Epsom National MP – closest rep to Auckland Central for National

Relevant Government Sites

PBA Office Support

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to us in the last few weeks for advice, support and with your queries. Please remember that the PBA office is open and we are here to support, advocate and help in any way we can, and can be reached on viv@iloveponsonby.co.nz

Please contact me if you have any questions or need information, advice or support.

We are far stronger if we stick together.
Cheers and Stay Safe everyone.

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