Ponsonby Business Association was established in 2001 after a voting process that saw businesses approve a mainstreet levy. This means that each business in the designated area contributes to a central fund which is used to promote the area. A Board is voted in each year at the AGM and these people set the direction for the next 12 months.

The General Manager is then responsible together, with the Board for implementing priority projects. The entire project is overseen and monitored by Auckland City Council. Area covered by Ponsonby Business Association Click here to see the map… Strategic Business Plan 2008 – 2013 This is our new five year strategic business plan which is the result of two open workshops and 30 ‘one on one’ interviews with a range of Ponsonby stakeholders.

Ponsonby Business Association

PO Box 47 471
Ponsonby Auckland
Tel: 09 360 9301


Contact Vivienne Rosenberg:

Or the office on:

Area covered by Ponsonby Business Association
Click here to See the Map.

Strategic Business Plan

Contact the PBA for details.


This is a legal document that sets out the way in which the mainstreet program will operate.
For a full copy of this click here

Board Members

Felicity O’ Driscoll Cook the Books Chair
Mike Blackburn Mike Blackburn Architects Treasurer
Ronald Andreassand Chanandreassand
Rosie Holt Rose Tinted Flowers
Francis Hooper Worldbrand
Abby van Schreven Maaike + Co
Andre Ciseau Countdown Ponsonby
Waitemata Local Board Representative – Pippa Coom.

Please call 360 9301 or email hello@iloveponsonby.co.nz if you would like to contact any PBA Board member.

Minutes of Meetings

Board meetings. These are held each month and minutes of these meetings are available to stake holders on request.


The next AGM will be held on Monday 29th October 2018 at 6.30pm.
The meeting will be held at the St Columba Centre 40 Vermont Street Ponsonby.
Contact the PBA for details.